Property Services

Property Services

We act as your listing agent

SPS offers a complete Spanish property sales service, to give the seller confidence we suggest a sales management strategy, we offer advice on presenting the properties in an honest and effective manor and of course the crucial point is the asking price, we do not just tell you what you want to hear, we will give you a fair and honest valuation giving you a fair market price and a distress value if the property needs to be sold urgently. Selling a property can be easy or complicated, and in our experience transparency and hard work pay off.

We will handle all the negotiations of the sale from initial offer to completion, giving the seller immediate updates on every detail. We market the property through our network of Agent collaborators and with our own client base

Once a purchaser is found, the SPS Solicitor will then handle all the legal work and charge only one fee. This is unlike selling through an Estate Agent where legal fees come as an extra expense, which can mean a saving between 1% and 2%.

For vendors, SPS Solicitors can also give expert advice on Spanish capital gains tax and offer general advice on all Spanish inheritance and Spanish tax issues.